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The Devil and Dayna Dalton

Book Information

Book Title: The Devil and Dayna Dalton: (Book 9) A Bulwark Anthology by Brit Lunden

Category: Adult Fiction (18 +), 126 pages

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Chelshire, Inc.

Release date: Sep 2019 

Content Rating: PG + M due to violence and mild sex.

*Contains Sexual Content*

Reporter Dayna Dalton's reputation has been ruined since birth. The daughter of wild child, Becky Dalton, is expected to follow her mother's footsteps; never given a chance to prove she's different. Dana's been in love with Clay Finnes since she was a teenager. Her unrequited love for Sheriff Finnes leaves her empty. He's happily married and unavailable. Instead, Dayna finds herself stuck in the revolving door of bad relationships. But this is Bulwark, Georgia, a town where strange things are always happening. Dayna is doomed to this loveless life until she can find someone who will appreciate the depth of her character. Can she overcome her fears and look beyond her own perceptions to accept a greater love?

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Meet the Author: Brit Lunden is a prolific author who’s written over 50 books in assorted genres under different pen names. Bulwark was her first effort in adult fiction and was chosen by several of her fellow authors as the basis for a new series, A Bulwark Anthology. Using her characters, they are creating new denizens in spin-off stories to this bizarre town. Brit Lunden lives on Long Island in a house full of helpful ghosts.

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My Review

The thrilling end to Dayna's life. We get to see and understand her relationship with Clay and uncover strange secrets about Bulwark. It was really cool to put myself into her shoes. At the start of the book, I thought she was just a snotty weirdo, but, I learned not to judge farther on. Dayna's story is actually quite heartbreaking and desperate. I absolutely loved it! The ending is phenomenal and not expected of. I really like the cliffhanger, though I was left with so many questions. All in all, the bravery and strength shows in this book.